We work with a number of charities on an on-going basis – some for many years.

In Australia:

  1. Koala Kids
  2. Children’s Grounds
  3. Down Syndrome Australia
  4. Wired (via in-wood from July)
  5. St Sophia & Three Daughters Greek Orthodox Church Play Group


  1. Save the Children and Astrid Lindgrun Foundation with Micki Leksaker
  2. WWF with Merchant Ambassador
  3. Childhood Cancer Foundation with Astrup Group

Though some of our brands don’t necessarily give to a cause they are producing in an environmentally conscious manner which you may be aware is a conscious decision of our business to embrace.

The other consideration with any toy purchased is that they are suitable for heirloom play so that it can be passed on to family, friends, next generation or thrift and charity shops. 

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