Cayro Collection Classic Games - Goose Game
Cayro Collection Classic Games - Goose Game

Cayro Collection Classic Games - Goose Game

Brand: Cayro
Product Code: CAY530
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When you buy this superb game of the goose you collaborate with the Queen Sofía Foundation’s (Fundación Reina Sofía) “Remember” campaign. This means that this year, part of the profit made by Cayro, with the sale of this product, will be donated to the Queen Sofía Foundation for Alzheimer’s research.

This classic game of the goose contains illustrations from 1880. The board is made from solid cardboard, the pieces are miniature metal geese reproductions and painted by hand, and the cup and wooden dice come in a cloth bag. Presented in a vintage style cardboard box.

This game is part of the Cayro Collection - which is the result of a meticulous process of reproduction of original games from the 1920s, making it a genuine collector’s items not only because of its high quality but also due to the limited number of these games that have been brought out onto the market.



Age Group 8+
From When 1/4/15

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