We would like to invite you to the magical world of Skrållan, a place where anything can happen as long as you have her by your side. Together you can throw fun parties, become heroes in a thrilling fairytale, go on treasure hunts in the garden and much, much more.
This 45 cm soft-bodied huggable doll is a classic talking doll with a unique character and high quality accessories. A huggable best friend who talks 24 different sentences and laughs.
Skrållan has been taking kids on adventures ever since 1966 and is now available outside Sweden.
Suitable for 3+
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Skrållan Bath Baby Anna, 36 cm
Product code: 16.1203
Standing 36 cm tall, Anna can borrow from Lillans' wardrobe. She come with a rubber ducky and..
Skrållan Bath Baby David, 36 cm
Product code: 16.1204
Standing 36 cm tall, David can borrow from Lillans' wardrobe!! He come with a rubber ducky an..
Skrållan Talking Doll, Blond, 45 cm
Product code: 16.1108
The game is always close at hand with Skrållan! Her playfulness and her voice makes her a p..
Skrållan Talking Doll, Brunette, 45 cm
Product code: 16.1109
The game is always close at hand with Skrållan! Her playfulness and her voice makes her a p..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Bathrobe, 45 cm
Product code: 13.2308
Bathrobe cum dressing gown! ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Bike Helmet
Product code: 13.1004
Safety first and then lookin' good!, 13.1004 ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Bike Seat
Product code: 13.1005
The perfect seat so she can keep you company on your bike rides! ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Carry Cot
Product code: 13.1003
Carry case for Lillan and the babies. ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Ladybird Boots, 45 cm
Product code: 13.2317
Sweet ladybird boots. ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Lillan Dungarees & T-Shirt, 36 cm
Product code: 14.2401
Now to the serious task of play! ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Lillan Fluffy Pink Onesie, 36 cm
Product code: 14.2407
How fabulous is this pink plush onesie complete with ears! This set also fits the 38 cm Minil..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Lillan Jogging Outfit, 36 cm
Product code: 14.2402
Ready for a run! Also fits the Miniland 38 cm doll. ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Lillan Maurve Spotty Dress, 36 cm
Product code: 14.2403
Sweet casual dress. ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Lillan Party Dress, 36 cm
Product code: 14.2409
All dressed up and ready to go! ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Lillan Pyjamas, 36 cm
Product code: 14.2406
Comfy PJs - they also fit the 38 cm Miniland doll. ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Party Dress, 45 cm
Product code: 13.2314
Gorgeous party dress! ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Party Shoes, 45 cm
Product code: 13.2318
Black gingham shoes with bows. ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Pink Dress, 45 cm
Product code: 13.2302
Gorgeous dress for all occasions! ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Pyjamas, 45 cm
Product code: 13.2315
Cute pyjamas. ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Raincoat and Hat, 45 cm
Product code: 13.2316
Essential wet weather gear! ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Runners, 45 cm
Product code: 13.2309
Pink runners. ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - T-shirt, 45 cm
Product code: 13.2306
Grey stripey t-shirt. ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Tutu Skirt, 45 cm
Product code: 13.2304
The essential tutu skirt! ..
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