Swedish designed, PlayBox provides a value-packed assortment of craft.

They are also the owners Munkplast, the original inventors of the irorning bead.

Beads - 10-colour Mix - 5,000 Pearls - JUST 1 LEFT!

This is a great mix of beads for any project. The colours include: black, white, yellow, orange, r..

Beads - 10-colour Refill Mix - 3500 pearls - JUST 2 LEFT!

Presented in a bottle which makes a tempting present, these ironing beads are a refill pack that's h..

Beads - 2000 Bead Activity Kit, Butterfly/Horse

This ironing bead kit contains 2000 iron on beads, 2 animal-shaped transparent boards and 4 template..

Beads - 2000 Bead Activity Kit, Princess

PlayBox created the ironing bead craft concept. The set includes 2000 beads, 6 patterns and pinbo..

Beads - Heart Pinboards

Beads - Heart Pinboards

Product code: PB6444

Pack of 12 heart-shaped pinboards. CARTON SIZE: 12 CARTON PRICE: 5% DISCOUNT ..

Beads - Mother of Pearl - 5,000 Pearls

This is a great mix of pearlised ironing beads.   CARTON SIZE: 6 CARTON PRICE: 5% DISC..

Beads - Patterns - 108 Motifs - JUST 2 LEFT!

This set includes 108 patterns sheets with all sorts of themes and patterns. ..

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