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Play Miniland
36 educational resources that promote the use of over 200 specialty toys
All active learning sessions end with a digital game, which aims to reinforce the concepts learned throughout the session.
Miniland Educational presented Play Miniland at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg (Germany) 

Miniland Educational presented Play Minilandthe newmodel of learning that promotes the combination of play with real toys and the use of innovative digital resources, at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg.

With this project, Miniland Educational is at the forefront of specialty toys, by developing a fun-filled learning experience that meets the needs of today’s children, who still have a need of playing with toys, touching and sharing, but who are also accustomed to using and being surrounded by all types of screens.



36 educational resources that encourage playing with over 200 toys 

with activities that promote the use of over 200 specialty toys developed by Miniland Educational.

The proposed activities concentrate on the contents set in the school curriculum. The digital content can be used on a computer, SMART board, classroom board or tablet. At home, parents can reinforce their children’s learning, by using Miniland Educational toys and tablets, smartphones or their home computer.

All these resources can be accessed on the Play Miniland website www.playminiland.comwhich is the hub of this innovative learning method. Resources are sorted by age, theme and educational content, and they are presented under different sections, which have been specially designed for teachers, parents and children.

The Play Miniland method

The Play Miniland method provides teachers and parents with innovative educational resources to develop learning sessions through play.

With this new method, Miniland Educational aims to make the task of Early Years and Primary teachers easier, by maximising their resources and increasing the bank of digital activities at their disposal. At home, parents will be able to reinforce learning, by combining the use of Miniland toys and digital games.

The learning sessions proposed by Play Miniland start off with a presentation on the topic and the concepts to be learned; the second stage requires play with Miniland Educational toys, and the final step is the use of Digital Games aiming to reinforce the concepts learned.

Esquema del método Play Miniland

Active learning through fun activities

Play Miniland is founded on the combination of the two most important trends in modern-day learning: Active Play and Game-Based Learning.

Therefore, Play Miniland is based on active learning through play with real toys, which can be touched, shared and used, in order to learn the concepts worked on in class, but with the motivating effect provided by play.

Learning sessions end with a support activity in the way of a digital game, through which children can reinforce the concepts learned.

Thus, Play Miniland promotes active learning based on play through fun activities. This approach aims to encourage children to learn, increase their interest and capture their attention, by making them the key players in their own learning process.

This active learning model allows for individual paces of learning, thus enabling children to learn from their mistakes and increase their self-esteem. This will establish the foundations for their motivation to acquire new knowledge.

Project developed in collaboration with AIJU, the Spanish Technological Institute for Toys

Miniland Educational has developed this Project in collaboration with AIJU, the Spanish Technological Institute for Toys, an organisation that has been providing the psych and pedagogical element to children’s games and toys for 25 years.


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