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Lundby Creative Doll's House

  • Brand: Lundby
  • Product Code: 60.1018
  • SOH: 15

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We want our houses to reflect the age in which we live – from the very foundations to the curtain pelmet in the kitchen – and that’s why we carefully monitor the fads and trends prevailing within style, design and fashion. This inspires us to produce better, even more beautiful products in collaboration with forward-thinking Swedish designers and architects.
In a new move directed specifically to the 3 year old plus market, this new doll's house includes:
  1. one sticker sheet to add your personal touches to your very own Lundby Creative Doll's House;

  2. the back wall can be turned around so that you can change the mood of the doll's house; and

  3. the back walls upstairs can be removed for open plan play and easy access from both sides!!

Furniture accessories and dolls sold separately.

Dimensions: 77 x 26 x 39 cm


Age Group 3+
Unit Product Size September

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