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"Pauli & Friends" is the first of several series to be designed and developed according to the multi-discovery-level-concept. This concept offers educational products that build on children’s natural urge to discover. To discover the world with curiosity and without fear of new things - this is the core message of this book series.

They enable interaction between parents and children, allowing them to share the fascination of books and their stories. The desire to read and discover can and should be stimulated and encouraged in even the youngest children.

The Discovery Books series of children's books have a number of different discoveries, the scenery in the book can be changed by using thermal sensitive printing ink and heat. This allows Pauli, the main character of the first book series, to ultimately gain new friends in what initially appears as a precarious scene.

In a further discovery stage, parents can use a specially developed app to bring the characters of the books to life.
With Augmented Reality, the images become three-dimensional and special effects can be triggered by simple and child-friendly controls. Augmented Reality is a computer-based technology that enhances the human perception of reality. As soon as the camera of any mobile device (mobile phone or tablet) is directed at one of the book pages, the device recognizes the "hotspots" and triggers multimedia content, such as moving 3D views, sounds and other features.

Through all these functions, stories get a completely new narrative style. This helps to improve your child´s ability to concentrate and to allow for an enhanced development of your toddler´s language.

0 months: Certified for all ages. The book can be given even to the very youngest.

4 months: Covering all the first sensory perceptions.

18 months: Warm water brings new animals to the page and improves the child´s ability in recognition.

24 months: You can bring the characters of the book to life in 3D and the book allows you to record and play back your own voice content for each page.

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The books are made with PEVA an eco friendly material.

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Discovery Bath Book Point of Sale

Discovery Bath Book Point of Sale

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