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How play-based activities can help children become school ready

As the first weeks of a new school year loom, the days seem to get shorter as the to-do list gets longer. New shoes, haircut, uniforms, stationery shopping! Amidst all the bustle, it may be easy to overlook the most important preparation of all - play. While it may seem counterproductive, taking tim...
Axis Toys Monday 19 December, 2022
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Plasto Toys expands "I am green" bio-plastic range of sand and kitchen play toys

The range is made from sugar cane that is 100% renewable and actually contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon footprint. Sugar cane binds more carbon dioxide when growing than is emitted when producing the plastic raw material from it. The end result – a whole new and better ...
Axis Toys Wednesday 29 July, 2020
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